As a long-time advocate of supporting today’s cutting edge medical research, the Team Reed Foundation has seen the profound impact that it can have. One area of crucial ongoing medical research that continues to require substantial support is cancer and rare cancer. There are currently over 100 known types of cancer in the world, with new forms being discovered each year. To help improve cancer survival rates around the world, detailed medical research is needed in order to continue creating more, better-quality treatments. This is what makes the work that the Duke Cancer Institute does so important.

The Duke Cancer Institute 
Located in Durham, North Carolina, the Duke Cancer Institute was established by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 1973 as one of their comprehensive cancer centers. The different centers focused on cutting edge research into various cancers and how they can be treated. Since its opening, the Duke Cancer Institute has grown to six locations with 300 researchers and physicians across Durham, serving cancer patients from around the world. In 2016 alone, the Institute treated over 70,000 cancer patients.

In addition to treating cancer patients, the Duke Cancer Institute and its talented researchers and physicians are also heavily involved in clinical trials, which serves as a crucial part of medical research. Clinical trials take place after a potential cancer treatment drug has completed development and the initial testing phases, and can be a life-saving option for some patients.

Clinical trials are completed on patients that have the type of cancer that the treatment is designed for, to determine if they are effective in treating the respective disease. In many cases, the trials have proven to be an effective treatment option, and have been formally approved since. While not all clinical trials will result in a successful treatment option, it proves to be a crucial part of medical research. Currently, the Duke Cancer Institute is holding clinical trials for treatments across 14 different types of cancer, making their work vital for our medical community.

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