The restaurant and fast food industry has exploded onto both the national and international levels, establishing its presence in countless cities around the world. When thinking of fast food, many people often think of McDonald’s, a fast food chain that has been in business in the United States since its creation in 1948. As part of the evolution into the international scene, McDonald’s also established a nonprofit organization, to have a way to give back to their communities. Today, the Ronald McDonald Foundation is known as one of the biggest foundations in the country and has had a profound impact on thousands of people’s lives around the world.

What Does The Foundation Do?
Named after the iconic Ronald McDonald character, the Ronald McDonald Foundation was first created in 1974. It is dedicated to helping families with a sick child by providing them access to the support and medical resources they need. For many families with a sick child, the medical resources that they need are often located elsewhere, making long-term travel necessary. Additionally, because of the timeframe typically required for treatments, parents may be forced to take unpaid time off of work for their child to get the necessary treatments.

Without a stable income, it can quickly become difficult to afford all of the additional expenses, which often includes lodging. This is where the Ronald McDonald Foundation comes in to act as a resource for the families. The foundation has built and established 367 Ronald McDonald housing next to or near some of the world’s best children’s hospitals. Parents can stay in one of the Ronald McDonald houses throughout their child’s treatment, allowing them to avoid spending precious money on a hotel. By providing lodging options, families can get the rest they need to provide their full attention to their child each day.

Using the vision of supporting the whole family as the motivation, the Ronald McDonald Foundation has also gone on to establish 250 family rooms in hospitals worldwide. Family rooms typically include a kitchen area, shower facilities, sleeping rooms, laundry facilities, internet access, and more. The room was created with the idea of supporting families as a whole. The foundation also created 50 mobile care units that travel across the United States to provide families with the access they need to medical care.

The Ronald McDonald Foundation continues to provide much-needed support to families as they navigate one of the most difficult fights of their lives. The Teem Reed Foundation is proud to support the Ronald McDonald Foundation.

About The Team Reed Foundation
The Team Reed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization in Houston, Texas that was co-founded by PGA golfer Patrick Reed and his wife, Justine. The foundation is dedicated to supporting the community and help improve people’s lives by benefitting charitable organizations. Follow Team Reed Foundation on Twitter to learn more!