Similar to completing a jigsaw puzzle, there are many fundamental shots that you need to master to become a complete golf player. Although you may be more comfortable with a certain type of shot than others, you still need to improve your proficiency in various shot types to play well on the golf course. Here are the basic skills you need to have as a golfer.

A Solid Iron

In most cases, your clubs will determine how long your first putt will be. You’ll most likely be hitting an iron shot from your approach. A solid center-face iron is crucial for maintaining balance and accurately hitting the ball. A good posture will allow you to maintain a steady swing and finish your shots.

A Tee Shot

A great drive will help you successfully reach the green. Long and straight clubs will leave you a shorter club into the green. You can also increase your distance and contact by positioning the ball in a more forward stance. With the lead shoulder slightly higher and the trail shoulder slightly lower, your shoulders should tilt away from the target.

A Basic Pitch

A pitch shot is a good way to carry the ball over the obstacles you face. You should use a club with a bounce to get the ball to stop quickly. The setup of this shot should be relatively neutral. The club should be able to hit the ground to launch the ball. Also, make sure that the weight is centered at impact to allow the club to brush the grass after it hits the ground.

A Fairway Wood

If you are not a long-hitting player, you’ll probably need to be good at hitting a fairway wood to use it consistently. Having the extra length off the tee benefits most players, allowing them to launch the ball with little help. To improve your game and confidence with the club, start by finding a good fairway wood that you like. It will allow you to hit a variety of shots.

A Short Putt

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to making short putts is having good technique. Also, being able to aim your club face properly is very important. There are various training aids that you can use to improve this aspect of your game. The small size of this tool fits into most bags and helps with the body’s alignment. It also provides a good view of the ball as it goes down the line.