For nearly 90 years, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) has supported communities and peoples affected by crisis, conflict, persecution, and disaster. The IRC is known internationally as a global nongovernmental organization that provides humanitarian aid, relief, and developmental support in emergencies.

Founded in 1933 at the bequest of Albert Einstein, the IRC was initially established as a way to support those fleeing Nazi Germany. The organization has grown and adapted over the years but has continued its mission of helping those engulfed in humanitarian crises. Its projects have supported millions of families worldwide, and its mission continues.

The current crisis in Ukraine highlights the importance of the work that the International Rescue Committee does. Estimates currently state that over 4.7 million Ukrainians are now living as refugees after having to flee their homeland, and those numbers will surely grow. The IRC has been working diligently in bordering Poland, welcoming these displaced people and helping them get the support, supplies, and services they desperately need. They are also working with partners within Ukraine to help where possible. Services such as psychosocial and legal support, cultural assistance, and translation services offered by the IRC will make the road easier for the displaced. This mission will continue as these people look to establish themselves in new places by providing them with the guidance they need to start anew.

Other afflicted areas serviced by the IRC in recent years include Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. Through the support of its donors, the organization has provided food, medical care, and emergency support services to those in need. The IRC is known for partnering with local people to ensure that all situations are handled with the appropriate cultural sensitivities. By helping the displaced reclaim access to education, healthcare, safe housing, and economic wellbeing, the IRC strengthens communities and returns power and independence to people who have lost everything.

The IRC is known for its economy in spending, and 87 percent of every dollar the organization spends worldwide goes directly to refugees. Based in New York, the IRC also has offices in approximately 40 countries worldwide.