There are pros and cons when a family counts a golfer among its ranks. In the negative column: any beautiful weekend, weather-wise, that might be spent hiking, biking, beaching or picnicking, is most likely going to be spent on the green. On the plus side: holiday gift-giving is a snap. There’s never a shortage of easy gift ideas when one has a golfer in his or her life. Below are some of the best gift ideas to consider for the upcoming holiday season.

Sensors and Grips
Sensors and grips allow golfers to track the shots they are taking, so performance can be analyzed. This makes them one of the most useful golf products out there. There are numerous brands of these tools on the market, but Arccos Caddie smart sensors and smart grips consistently rank high on users’ list of favorites. With the ability to track every shot hit, recreational golfers can now get statistics about performance that was once only available to tour players.

The grips are more seamless than the sensors and would make a perfect gift for the enthusiastic golfer who is hitting the green weekly. The purchase price is $149, and users have the option add on subscription caddie service and tracking information for $99 annually.

The more casual golfer will get a lot of enjoyment and value out of the $249 smart sensors, which screw into existing grips.

For those looking for a more budget-conscious option, Arccos Driver product is a bare-bones version that focuses on driver stats alone with a wallet-friendly $30 price point.

A golf bag should be more than just a vehicle for transporting gear; it should be a reflection of the style of the holder. To that end, a gift of an attractive and functional golf bag is always in fashion. Holderness and Bourne have a history of offering stylish, functional, and durable bags. Their newest products are no exception.

The new Ballistic Navy duffel is a nearly indestructible version of a consistently durable and attractive bag. This model offers a waterproof section to store golf shoes and is easily the best gift for any golfer. The Marston by H&B is a more affordable option that offers the same high-quality durability and stylish fit and finish.

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