A Professional-Amateur golf event, sometimes known simply as a Pro-Am, is a unique competition that brings players of all skill levels together. Moreover, the event is usually organized for benevolent purposes.

Pro-Am competitions are golfing tournaments in which professional and amateur competitors tee off together. That said, these are sanctioned events sponsored by the Professional Golfers Association, sometimes abbreviated as the PGA.

The Purpose Of A Pro-Am Event
In many instances, the PGA sponsors Pro-Am events to raise funds for various charitable causes. Typically, these tournaments can garner hundreds of thousands of dollars. A solid percentage of such money is often donated towards benevolent causes or entities tournament organizers feel that deserve such funds.

When Do Pro-Am Events Take Place?
Pro-Am competitions usually occur prior to the actual professional tournament. Most PGA-sanctioned tournaments are four-day events beginning on a Thursday and culminating on Sunday. The Pro-Am is typically only a one-day gathering and will often be held on Wednesday, proceeding the tournament’s commencement. However, certain events might occur on the Monday of tournament week.

Must Amateurs Meet Any Specific Requirements?
Most Pro-Am events do not possess strict requirements regarding an amateur’s golfing abilities. That said, many amateur participants share a love for the game and play frequently. Ergo, certain non-professional competitors possess the skills necessary to hold their own on the course. Usually, the only basic mandate amateurs must meet the ability to pay the entry fee.

Participation Costs
Pro-Am participation costs are often quite expensive. It is important to reiterate that Pro-Am events are organized to raise funds for benevolent causes and provide amateurs the privilege of teeing off with professionals, sometimes superstar golfers. Therefore, it is not uncommon for entry costs to run at least a couple thousand dollars. For more well-known or famous tournaments, participation costs could run significantly higher.

Pro-Am Playing Formats
Typically, Pro-Am formats are relaxed and geared towards promoting optimal amateur scores. In many cases, the non-professionals incorporate the handicaps. Other times, scores might be awarded in special categories like the best drive, best second shot, or best put. The idea is for the event to be fun for all participants.