Golf isn’t nearly as glamorous as its sporting companions. During a tournament, there isn’t a half time show, there aren’t concession stands or popcorn vendors, and since the game is on the move, there aren’t really any seats. When it comes to other sports such as basketball, football, and soccer, you can expect a spectacle, sometimes complete with fireworks and confetti at the end of a game. Golf is often associated with older generations and referred to as “an old man’s sport.” Patrick Reed, one of golf’s newest, youngest, and winningest players, is out to change all of that, and he’s doing so one swing at a time.

Patrick Reed was introduced to golf at a young age and excelled in the many different youth programs that he participated in while growing into his skills and gaining a following. Many could describe Patrick Reed as simply, “passionate.” He’s got loads of love for the sport, and it shows when he’s on the course. His hope for the future of golf is to ignite the same passion he has for the sport in others. What he’s noticed, however, is that there is a lack of training and opportunities for college-aged students looking to go pro. While Patrick was able to make it into big tournaments, he fears that the transition from youth programs to the majors is too big of a gap for young hopefuls to navigate through on their own. This is where Patrick sees a real opportunity to create more excitement and opportunities for the younger generation of golfers that are up-and-coming.

Patrick Reed is a proud Texan and started his foundation, Team Reed Foundation, to help his community through his pro-golfer celebrity. At only 26 years old, Patrick chooses to use his platform to raise money for local nonprofits and charities. In the future, he hopes that his foundation will grow to also include mentorship opportunities for those college aged golfers looking to transition to a professional career, all while teaching them the importance of giving back to the community. With a mentality such as this, golf won’t need a spectacle or a half-time show to stay relevant- community members will feel the positive impact this sport has had in their lives in real-time.

Here are a few of the initiatives and organizations that Patrick Reed is working with to further change the name of the game and show support for those in need.

Duke Center of Cancer Research

Fisher HouseSt. Benedict’s Homeless Shelter

Team Reed Foundation

American Junior Golf Association

Ronald McDonald House Houston

About The Team Reed Foundation
The Team Reed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization in Houston, Texas that was co-founded by PGA golfer Patrick Reed and his wife, Justine. The foundation is dedicated to supporting the community and help improve people’s lives by benefitting charitable organizations. Follow Team Reed Foundation on Twitter to learn more!