If a golfer is looking to lower their golf scores, they’ve got to improve their short game. A short game refers to a category of a golfer takes a shot located relatively near the green, or on the green itself. For a golfer to improve their short game, it involves perfecting their technique, selecting their shot properly, and, of course, practice. If you don’t have the time to practice or perfect, here are a few tips that can improve your technique now:

Turn Your Toes In

In golf, posture is everything and it’s essential to keep your lower body still when putting. A still lower body makes it much more to keep your aim of the line to roll your golf ball while also consistently controlling distance. Turning your toes in can make it much easier to stand still by limiting your lower body’s ability to move or turn.  

Stroke Before You Look

A simple trick that can give you a drastic improvement is stroking before you look. In other words, make it a habit to complete your stroke while putting, hold the finish, and then you can look to see the ball rolling. This is another way to keep still burning a put by illuminating unnecessary movement. It’s essential to fully complete your stroke before watching the ball go in. 

Lean Forward

A tough shot in a short game is when you’re trying to hit a soft chip or pitch a couple of feet into the rough. When in this situation, try putting instead. You can do this by placing the majority of your weight on your forward foot and dropping your forward shoulder to line with your foot. 

A sharp shoulder tilt toward the target such as this will influence the angle that the putter head approaches the ball. This stance avoids a shallow, sweeping stroke and will help the putter glance down the back of the ball. You will have much better direct contact between the ball and the putter face. It also causes ball to “jump”, which typically clears the longer grass.

Focus on Speed on the Sand

When it comes to sand, speed is everything. It’s essential to dig up a lot of sand while swinging as fast as possible. To get the hang of it, practice by throwing sand out of the bunker and onto the grass. With the golf ball out of the equation, you’ll be able to nail the proper motion. As soon as you have the motion down, keep that same technique but change your club to a higher lofted for closer shots and less loft for longer ones.