Anyone who has played golf or fell in love with the game knows how hard it is. It takes precision, patience, and the ability to master mental challenges as well. However, it can be much easier to master when you learn to play golf at a young age. Many of the greatest golfers of all time began playing before turning the age of five. While there is no absolute best age to start playing golf, getting them started as early as possible has great benefits.


Building Confidence and Patience 

As mentioned earlier, golf takes an immense amount of patience. Many younger children often struggle to have any patience and usually want something immediately. By learning golf, they quickly understand the value of patience; both in the game and in life. When they finally master a new skill, swing, or sink their first hole, kids gain confidence. As a golfer, this kind of patience helps grow their self-correction and self-worth. By learning to build their mental strength through golf, they’ll build up their confidence. 


Overall Physical Health and Fitness

Playing golf is very good for one’s physical health. By learning to play at a young age, kids will improve their overall physical health. Golf pulls them away from watching mindless hours of TV and instead puts them outside to enjoy a game that will strengthen the spine and core muscles. Golf can also get them interested in other sports or physical activity that could help improve their health as well. By adding in other activities, kids can improve their endurance and balance which will better their golf game as well. 


Improving Social Skills

Children can often be shy and lack social skills. Golf is a great sport to improve these skills because it helps them to meet new people and socialize. Kids who get into golf at a young age can usually attend junior camps or join junior leagues. This gives an opportunity every week to meet different kids and interact with them, allowing them to develop social skills. Kids also have the opportunity to learn how to socialize with adults who play the sport as well.