COVID-19 has affected everyone around the world. The virus is still a threat with no clear end in sight. Thankfully, the world’s top medical experts continue to work hard towards better testing, treatment, and a potential vaccine. Relief efforts and much more also help to make the situation bearable for the world. Two familiar names, Bill and Melinda Gates, have been at the forefront of the effort since the virus began. Here are examples of their contributions.

Accessibility of Vaccines
The Gates’ dedicate generously to an organization known as Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Gavi is an international organization that helps to provide vaccines to poor and isolated communities that would not have access otherwise. The group has been in place since 2000 and has made it possible for 760 million children to get the vaccinations they need. The group now plans to purchase COVID-19 vaccines when available to distribute to their target areas.

Funding for Research
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation routinely supports causes. To date, the Foundation has dedicated $250 million for research into conquering or at least controlling, COVID-19. The money will go towards testing, treatment, and vaccines. The funding will help to improve healthcare systems in Africa and South Asia, where so many are vulnerable. Contributions will also go where needed to help communities financially devastated by the pandemic.

Encourage Dedicated Efforts
The Gates’ continue to network and speak publicly about the pandemic to encourage researchers and governments to stay on task. The Foundation’s Strategic Investment Fund earmarked funding to incentivize private companies to work on the development and production of affordable health products. Investments in certain companies, loans to other organizations, and more will reduce the risk of the companies taking part in the effort.

Develop Protective Plans
The Foundation works with various partners across South Asian and Africa to find acceptable options for protective measures like physical distancing and suppressing infection rates. The efforts seek fresh ideas in areas where traditional methods do not work. The organizations bring community leaders and groups into the effort to encourage them to lead the programs.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is steadfast in its goal to help the world gain control over this global health crisis. The Foundation and its partners have worked relentlessly through uncertain times to do all the can to reduce the number of those who become affected by COVID-19.