You can feel the excitement in your eyes as you walk toward the green after putting your club in hand. Having a solid approach shot can make the game more fun. Practicing and planning properly can help improve your ability to hit the greens and have more stress-free walks. Here are some tips to improve your approach shots.

Club Distancing

The selection of the right club is essential when it comes to deciding if your approach shot will go into the green. Before you start calculating the distance of your clubs, it’s important to know how far each club will go in the air. This will allow you to determine if you can carry a hazard or a bunker.


Practicing has proven beneficial, as it allows you to improve the accuracy and consistency of your shots. One of golf’s biggest challenges is the varying length of clubs required to hit the ball accurately. Having a practice swing that lets you quickly adapt to the club will allow you to hit the ball exactly how you want it.

Aiming Habits

Knowing your aiming tendencies and being laser-like on approach shots can help you make the most of your clubface. If you hit your ball relatively straight, your clubface will be pointing toward the ball. Right-handed individuals aim to the right and hit the ball over the top. I had this tendency, but it feels slightly left when I aim correctly.

Ball Positioning

The ball position is critical in the game of golf as it affects the direction and movement of the ball. If you have a ball position that is too far forward, it can lead to a poor shot. A consistent setup routine can help you maintain a perfect ball position.

Club Options

When choosing the right club, it’s essential to consider the type of spin that you’re getting with it. Some clubs will launch high with more spin and roll less, while others will hit and run more due to your clubhead speed. A hybrid or a short iron will do the trick if you’re looking for a club that will fly higher and softer. The lower-lofted iron will likely land and release more quickly than the lofted one. Therefore, you should hold the ball slightly shorter to allow this move. There are times and places where both can be helpful.