Across the United States lie the most beautiful, intricate, and historical golf courses. Not only are golfers that are lucky enough to play on these courses put through a test of skill and mental strength, their game is also accompanied by stunning views. Every golf course is unique in its beauty and design, but some courses offer architecture that push them to the top. This is a list of the best five golf courses to try in the United States.

Pine Valley Golf Club
Pine Valley, NJ
This golf course has earned the reputation of being the hardest and best course, not only in the United States, but the world. A double bogey awaits with every shot across the beautiful and unique course. The entire landscape calls for players’ accuracy, and a mental strength unlike any other golf course. Complete with penal, heroic and strategic design–players lucky enough to step foot on the course will need to utilize every skill and strategy they know to make it through the game.

Augusta National Golf Club
Augusta, GA
A course perfected over decades, with designs only few have the chance of taking on. Great pines and beautiful greenery are spread throughout the landscape. The course riddles players with intricate routes, impressive mounds and swales, and extensive rebunkering and tree planting. Conducting the annual Masters Tournament since 1934, this course offers history, acres of beautiful landscape, and challenges even the most skilled golfers can’t overcome.

Cypress Point Club
Pebble Beach, CA
This club coined its name from the course being woven through cypress, sand dunes and a breathtaking coastline. This course used to be one of the easiest to overcome. Many experienced players found it to be weak and unchallenging, but the course’s original architecture and unique bunkering made it timeless. Historic and undoubtedly beautiful, this course offers golfers an incredible view along a timeless design.

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club
Southampton, NY
Considered to be the earliest links in the United States, this course has earned a spot in history and the design remained untouched for nearly 50 years. In 2012, several changes were made in preparation for Shinnechock to hold the 2018 U.S. Open. After removing trees and restoring the once waste area of the sixth hole, the historical course was brought back to life and now offers golfers a beautiful and challenge architecture.

Oakmont Country Club
Oakmont, PA
Original penal design, notorious bunkers, and deep drainage ditches populate this outstanding and formidable course. Scared yet? This course offers golfers the swiftest putting surfaces and complex fairways. It holds the title as the Host of the Most U.S. Opens ever. This intricate course challenges golfers to be as precise as possible to overcome the numerous bunkers and narrow fairways.