While every industry has been significantly affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one that has experienced considerable difficulties are non-profit organizations. With one in five Americans unemployed because of the coronavirus, many individuals may not be able to support non-profit organizations until they resume work. As a result, many organizations are experiencing difficulties with their fundraising efforts. Organizations that may be struggling with fundraising efforts may find the following tips to be beneficial. 

Call Your Board Of Directors For A Meeting
One of the most important steps to take is to schedule a meeting, or virtual meeting, to discuss the current situation with the Board of Directors. During the conversation, make sure to include information on all the ongoing projects, any upcoming projects or events, and how much of a financial impact that has been seen to date. Providing as many details as possible for the board of directors will help them determine the next steps. They can also provide insight on how to proceed with fundraising efforts. 

Connect With Your Donors
Although many communities remain under a stay-at-home order, it is important to connect with your donors as a non-profit organization. Make sure to reach out to current donors to see how they are doing amid the coronavirus pandemic. While some donors may not be in the financial position to donate, connecting with them during the pandemic to check-in could encourage them to donate once they are able. With larger donors, it would be beneficial to schedule a virtual meeting to see how everything is going on their end, and to discuss the situation with the organization. 

Virtual Auction Or Fundraiser
While the coronavirus pandemic has forced most communities to stay home, companies and organizations alike have been finding unique ways to remain connected to their community. Organizations who may have canceled an event because of the pandemic can create a virtual auction or fundraising event to help raise money. The virtual event should be well-planned beforehand and is clear about how to access the virtual event. Organizations should also focus on promoting the event both online and to its donor base through email marketing efforts. This can help get a larger attendance for the event.