Having a good golf instructor can improve your game, but finding a good instructor and making time for lessons is always a challenge. However, OnCore Golf and Gold Boost are hoping to change that with Golf Boost. Golf Boost is a new body recognition app powered by artificial intelligence. When activated, this app can detect and correct your posture and form when you’re on the golf course. It may not be a human instructor, but it is the next best thing when you’re by yourself on the golf course, and it might improve your game just as well. 

A Virtual Coach for New Players

Anybody who has ever spent time on the golf course knows that golfing is harder than it looks. You need to have proper posture when you swing, and you need to know how to aim your shot properly. It takes a lot of skill and muscle memory, and it’s easy to fall into bad habits if you don’t have anybody to show you what a proper swing looks like. 

This is why the Golf Boost app is so useful for new golfers. If you’re going out to a golf course or a driving range for the first time, having an app that records your body’s posture and shows you what you’re doing right and wrong is a valuable tool. Your swing can be analyzed in a matter of seconds, and the data that Golf Boost saves and compiles can be used to track your progress as you improve. 

Most importantly, the app can inspire you to do better on the course. It might start out showing you how your game can get better, but it will eventually show you what you can accomplish if you heed its advice and continue to improve. 

While nothing can truly replace a human golf instructor, the Golf Boost app really is the next best thing. It can be used any time you are on the golf course, or you’re practicing on the driving range, and it can still show you how you can continue to improve the more time you spend on the course. It is just one more way that OnCore is striving to help novice and advanced golfers improve their game.