Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been forced to shut their doors, thus leaving many unemployed. However, some essential businesses, such as nonprofits, are allowed to operate. If you’re a nonprofit company that is doing well during these tough times, you may be asking how you can better help out your community. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can begin to give to your community. The following includes three amazing things you can start doing today.


Turn Your Business into a Donation Building

If your operations have been forced to stop, but you still have access to your building, then turning it into a donation spot for your community is a great way to give back. Note that the proper precautions should be taken before beginning to accept donations. A good way of collecting items and goods is to ask the community to leave the items outside or within a storage bin. This way, you are able to disinfect the items, and people don’t have to be coming into a small room to drop anything off.


Use Your Marketing Power to Raise Money

There’s no doubt about it; people all across the country are going through a tough time. COVID-19 has prevented them from earning a living, and they may be strap for cash with no income coming in. If you’re a medium to a large-sized nonprofit, you can utilize your marketing power to raise funds for those in need. Ask your social media followers to donate to a fund that will go to help community members feed their children and keep their homes.


Reach Out to the Elderly

The elderly are the most in danger of passing away from COVID-19. Therefore, many of them are often too scared to go into grocery stores. A great way to give back to your community is to offer delivery services for the elderly. Bringing them their groceries or simply making sure they are okay can go a long way, especially during these difficult times.


Volunteer Your Staff

Your staff joined you because they wanted to make a difference, even if it’s not with you. Ask your staff if they like to donate their time to local organizations such as schools. Many schools are needing volunteers to hand out food to children each day.