Corporate philanthropy is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Many people are making it a priority to care about various social, environmental, and community issues. They are also beginning to change which companies they support based on which brands show more ethical involvement. No matter the budget of your business, every corporation can become involved in corporate philanthropy in some way. Below we will discuss a few methods on how to have a successful corporate philanthropy, with information featured from an article on The Business Journals.

  1. Give future leaders an opportunity to shine.

When you allow employees the freedom to curate, manage, and encourage various philanthropic programs, it provides them with the freedom to explore and grow in an environment that is relatively risk free. Many employees are constantly worried about their job security, and involving themselves in philanthropy might be intimidating if they are not sure how it will affect their job. Corporations should try their best to offer paid time off and pro bono giving opportunities for employees who are volunteering.

  1.   Creating a reputation centered around doing good.

Brand reputation is more important now than ever. This goes for both prospective employees and consumers as well. Employees are doing more research on companies to make sure they are a good fit with their values, and consumers are making sure they do not give money to companies who go against their beliefs and ethical morals. Philanthropy helps to boost your brand reputation leading to more employees and less turnover. In addition, getting your customers involved in your philanthropic efforts is a fantastic way of showing that you care about worldly issues while gaining and maintaining support from your client base. 

  1.   Begin your journey as soon as possible.

Philanthropy programs are no longer an option; in modern society, they are essentially a requirement. In order to continue the enhancement of your company, you want to begin your journey as soon as possible by considering the following tips:

  • Begin a community involvement council.
  • Provide various support options.
  • Broaden the group of participants.
  • Appreciate those who help.
  • Show off your hard work.
  • Instill philanthropy into your company culture.