Since the fire season began in the United States, countless deadly wildfires have started through California, Oregon, and Washington. Over 220,000 residents have been forced to evacuate, with extensive damage confirmed in a number of communities. Given that the fire season is still at its peak, it is important for the communities to help those impacted by the wildfires. Here are a few ways to help those affected by the wildfires on the west coast. 

Donate To Local Food Banks
The wildfires have destroyed countless homes throughout all three states, leaving residents in need of basic necessities like food. As a result, local food banks have been further strained, leaving them in need of donations. Find a food bank in one of the communities affected by the wildfires, and see what they need. While some may accept food donations, many are only accepting monetary donations because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Volunteer With The Red Cross
The workforce for the American Red Cross is 90% volunteers, making it even more important for people to get involved. Individuals can sign up to become a volunteer in a number of important areas, including disaster relief services, blood donor support, and shelter support. Visit the American Red Cross website to learn more about how to help. 

Donate To Reputable Organizations
Because of the extensive damage to countless communities across three states, many are in immediate need of various resources and supplies. Monetary donations can help provide basic supplies like food and water, as well as much-needed financial support. Organizations like the United Way of Northern California are providing emergency financial assistance to residents who lost their homes in the wildfire. The Salvation Army has stepped in to provide basic supplies and emotional support for both firefighters and residents directly impacted. To get a full list of organizations that are providing support during the wildfires, visit the article from USA Today.

It is important to remember to support any family or friends directly impacted by the wildfires as well. That support can be crucial for them during this difficult time.