Are you looking for ways to improve your golf drive? Every golf enthusiast wants to improve their driving distance and accuracy. Hitting longer, straighter drives starts with solid ball striking skills. Here are some tips for how you quickly improve your ball strikes, leading to better drives.

Exercise off the green
If you’re serious about improving your golf game, the first step is to start exercising off the green. Like all sports, fitness is an important element of being a strong golfer. You could follow a cross-training program designed to optimize your golf-driving muscles but any comprehensive workout program will do. To maintain a high level of flexibility, be sure to include stretching exercises in your routine.

Adjust your stance
Improving your golf drive often requires stance adjustments. Your driver is your longest club, which means that it has a larger swing arc than the others. Since you will swing this club the fastest, you should ensure that you are standing wide enough to create a stable base of support. Also, try raising your left heel in the backswing to allow your hips more mobility and allow your shoulders to turn more. 

Consider using more loft
If you are one of the many golfers using a very small amount of loft on your driver, you may want to reconsider. It’s true that some professional golfers use smaller amounts of loft, but most of the world’s most elite golfers do not. So, don’t assume that using more loft means that you are less skilled or powerful. Instead, put your ego aside and experiment with using various amounts of loft. 

Train with a variety of clubs
There are several benefits to training with a variety of clubs. Training with lighter clubs will help you to increase your speed by activating your body’s fast twitch muscle fibers. Training with heavier clubs will also help to develop these muscles. Try alternating between heavy and light weight clubs to get the most benefit. 

Engage your hips more
One of the best ways to improve your distance is to practice engaging your hips during your swing. Instead of laterally shifting your hips in your backswing, try rotating them. An effective trick is to pretend like someone is pulling your right pocket backward as you begin your backswing. This technique will allow you to rotate your hips more, which should immediately improve your drive.

Practice holding your finish
Another effective way to improve your golf drive is to practice holding your finish. As you learn to hold your position at the end of your swing, you will also learn to keep your club more square, utilize a proper swing path, and create a reliable rhythm in your swing. Try to hold your finish for at least three seconds at the end of each practice swing. By mastering this skill, you will automatically increase your speed and allow yourself to finish each swing in a balanced position. 

As we have covered, improving your golf drive depends on hitting the ball properly. Use these tips and you will soon find that you are hitting the ball more effectively, allowing you to drive farther and with more accuracy.