There are many different avenues to take when it comes to improving your golf game. However, frequently the best golfers are the ones that work hard to perfect their game from the ground up.

Take their grip, for example. The golfer’s grip is an easily underestimated part of the process, yet it is pivotal to a good game. For those wondering how to improve a golf grip, read below.


The first step in this process is to evaluate your current grip. Being open and honest with yourself about any potential problems now will help you improve your game later. Additionally, one should always be willing to reevaluate their grip to ensure that they maintain the lessons they’ve learned.

When evaluating your grip, make a note of the way you hold the club, including where your fingers are positioned, how comfortable the grip feels, and even how you go about picking up the club. According to Kristian Baker, the left hand should be holding the grip with fingers (the reverse is true for left-handers). With that in mind, look at how your left-hand holds the grip.

Practice and Patience

Next, it is time to assess how firmly you hold the grip. The best way to fine-tune the right grip strength for you is through practice and patience. First, hold the grip so loosely that it is barely in your hands. Now, slowly increase your strength until you gain a bit of control over the club. Somewhere around this point, you should find the perfect amount of pressure. Feel free to play around until it feels just right.

Learning from the Experts

If you are uncertain what a solid golf grip looks like, it is time to look to the experts. There are several ways to do this. For example, one could look up a visual guide on golf grips. Alternatively, they could study the grip of their favorite golfer and work to emulate everything from their grip to their stance. Finally, do not be afraid to ask for help, either from fellow golfers or by hiring a professional to help train you. According to professional golf trainers, the grip is often the first thing they need to instruct their students.