Businesses need to have an excellent social media presence in today’s digital age. Doing so can help them grow and attract more customers. Learning about social media from playing golf can benefit any business or sport. In this article are five lessons from playing the game.

Time and Effort

For most people, it’s unrealistic to expect to hole a shot on the first shot of the game. If you hit a good drive off the tee, but it doesn’t go as far as you want it to, then you have to keep pushing and not give up.

One campaign is not enough to get many leads or see great results on social media. Even if you get it right on the first try, it’s still not surprising that you will not get the desired results. Getting the most out of social media is not a quick process. You need to take the leads that you get and run with them.


The people you work with can make or mar your digital success. If your manager is negative and doesn’t have a positive attitude, your social media will likely not be very successful. However, working with an upbeat and enthusiastic individual can be very motivating. Because how social media is a learning curve, it’s essential to be able to learn from others. Having the right team members can help make the process easier.

The Right Platform

You need the right tools when it comes to getting the job done. Whether you’re working on a project or playing a round of golf, you need the proper equipment to complete the job. There is no need to go all-out when choosing a social media platform. Just make sure that you choose the one that fits your business best. Although it’s possible to have multiple platforms, it’s essential to consider which one will work best for your company.

Stay Consistent

If you only play golf once a month, your handicap will not improve. On the other hand, if you only post on social media once a week, you’re not going to get the results you want. You should start by regularly posting on your social media platform. This will allow you to reach out to your viewers and let them see you on their newsfeeds.

Have Fun

Golfing with friends is often a great weekend activity because you don’t need to be serious about it. Social media is no different. You should have fun with your posts if you’re a small business owner. They can be very effective as they provide a bit of value to your customers.