Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, the quality of your golf clubs can affect how well you play. Before you take to the course for your next game, consider shopping for clubs that will give you a winning edge. The following tips will help you improve your performance.

Try Them On
It’s a good idea to look for sporting goods stores that also have indoor driving ranges. This will give you an opportunity to try out golf clubs before you buy them. Clubs come in different lengths, and buying a club that’s either too long or too short will negatively affect your performance. If the store doesn’t have a driving range, step out of the way and take a few swings in the store to get a feel for the clubs.

Look for Perimeter Weighted Heads
Without a perimeter weighted head, all of the weight will be centered in one part of the head, and that can make it more difficult to get a clean shot. A club with a perimeter weighted head will have the weight evenly distributed throughout the golf club head. As you swing, you’ll be able to hit the ball with the intended force, no matter which part of the head hits the ball.

Picking the Right Driver
When it comes to choosing your other clubs, the length is an important consideration, but you should always opt for a shorter driver club. A shorter club helps you hit the ball squarely, so you have more control over the direction of your shot. Additionally, you should always use the closed clubface angle, because this will also improve your performance over an open clubface.

Hybrid or Fairway?
Finally, choosing between hybrid or fairway woods will depend on how you swing. If you tend to go deeper with your golf ball sticking closely to the green, hybrids are the better choice. If you swing lighter and the ball coasts over the green, fairway woods are better for you. 

If you have questions about a set of clubs you intend to buy, feel free to ask a sales associate in the sporting goods store. A reputable store will have clerks who are experienced and knowledgeable. Learning more about the choices in clubs can help you choose a set that’s best suited for your physique and style of play.