It’s no secret that practice makes perfect. If you think about it, you’re an expert when it comes to so many small actions that you perform throughout the day, and you’re so good at them you almost forget you had to struggle with them at one point in your life. It surely took a lot of practice to learn how to walk as a child. It probably took even more practice to learn how to talk, as well. It takes a lot of hard work and consistent effort to become truly great at something, let alone the things you do everyday without even thinking. Just as it took time to learn how to walk and talk, it takes a lot of practice and determination to become an expert athlete.

This is why programs like those that encourage kids to practice are so important. Educating our children who have a passion for Golf especially struck a chord with us at Team Reed. Learning from experience, it’s very important to have a solid foundation as a Junior golfer. It’s one of the key goals in establishing our group, The Team Reed Foundation. We strive to give our community inspiration.

This summer, Team Reed was involved in a Junior golf tournament that gave young athletes a place to grow their skills, and while giving these golfers a chance to thrive and learn was amazing, what they gave the golf community in return was even more special: a glimpse into the beginning careers of these possible pro-golfers, and a glimpse into the future of Golf as a sport.

Practice, support, and confidence are key components to a strong game that don’t come overnight, and, with the help of partners throughout the entire sport of Golf, there are great places to secure these attributes all over the country for any of the young hopefuls out there.

Below are just a few of the top Junior Golf tournaments out there for those who have grown from mastering how to walk and how to talk, and who are now ready to master how to be a champion.

PGA Junior League Golf

This popular program began in 2011 and has grown to touch the lives of nearly 40,000 participants within their league and tournaments. Similar to other professionally sponsored programs, the PGAJLG works in teams that are headed by PGA professionals. The league is exclusive to youth players aged 13 and under. During their time with the program, these children will learn how to play and love the sport, and will make great memories doing it, too.

US Kids Golf Foundation

Also helping kids develop a love for the golf at a young age is the US Kids Golf Foundation. In this organization, all roads lead to Pinehurst, where The World Championship is held for golfers, ages 5-12. There are plenty of tournaments along the way, and golfers are encouraged to attend as many as they wish. While several lucky golfers will have the distinguished honor of being a World Champion, the league also awards recognition for male and female Player of the Year.  

American Junior Golf Association

We’re a bit biased here, but the American Junior Golf Association is a tremendous program that we’re honored to be a part of. This non profit organization is geared toward more established golfers who are pursuing possible scholarships and competitive play. Through the season there are several tournaments in cities across the country. Patrick Reed was represented at this year’s AJGA Tournament at The Woodlands in Texas, giving Team Reed Enterprises and The Team Reed Foundation mentorship opportunities with the young golfers. Along with a fun and competitive tournament, the AJGA also educates members on what it takes to play college golf and how to make it big in the pros.

Now that you know there are plenty of opportunities available to practice your swing, it’s time to get out there and play! Encourage your kids to enter a junior league and watch the next generation of golf grow. Team Reed is always thrilled to be a part of molding young minds and supporting them in their journey to professional golf, and we’re happy to be able to share our work with all of you.

About The Team Reed Foundation
The Team Reed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization in Houston, Texas that was co-founded by PGA golfer Patrick Reed and his wife, Justine. The foundation is dedicated to supporting the community and help improve people’s lives by benefitting charitable organizations. Follow Team Reed Foundation on Twitter to learn more!