Throughout the calendar year, professional golfers from around the world compete in some of the Professional Golfer Association of America’s (PGA) biggest tournaments. Unlike other sports that have a carved out season within one year, golf runs throughout the year, with the beginning of their season in October and ending the following September. With such a long season, golfers are given the opportunity to participate in 50 PGA tournaments around the world. What are some of the biggest golf tournaments in today’s sports world?

The US Open
Known as the largest golf tournament in the world, the US Open attracts the sport’s top players each year. The US Open takes place at different locations each year and carries an incredible prize of $2,160,000 for the first place winner. The 2019 US Open is set to take place from June 13th to June 16th in Pebble Beach, California. Those who are lucky to attend get to see a match-up of the world’s best players fight for the top position.

The Master’s Tournament
Located at the historical Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, the Masters Tournament is known as one of the elite tournaments for the sport. Beginning in 1934, the tournament has significantly expanded, taking place over the course of four days and 72 holes altogether. The final winner at the Masters Tournament takes home $1,980,000, making it the second highest paid tournament in golf. Those interested in watching the Masters Tournament can catch coverage as it is played over the first week of April.

The Player’s Tournament
The Player’s Tournament takes place in Florida in May, but unlike tournaments like The Masters and the US Open, the Player’s Tournament is not considered an official event on the European Golf Tour. The tournament invites players who are ranked within the top 50 in the world, making it an excellent event for fans to attend. As the Masters Tournament, the winner will take home $1,980,000 upon the weekend’s end. Buy tickets now to enjoy the beautiful May tournament.

The PGA Tournament
With a first place prize of $1,890,000, the PGA Tournament is another major attraction to some of the world’s best golfers. Considered as one of the men’s major golf championships, alongside The Player’s Tournament, Masters Tournament, and US Open, the PGA Tournament brings out some of the sport’s most elite. The event is located at a different golf course each year. While it has been played in August in past years, the PGA Tour recently announced that they would be moving the tournament to early May.