Every golfer uses a golf club, but not all golf clubs are created equally. Some casual and most avid and pro golfers have a favorite type of club and brand name that they use exclusively. This is because, once you’ve played enough golf, you understand that every brand and type of golf club has its pros and cons. The design and manufacturing of golf clubs and accessories is an art. It takes consideration of balance, force, and kinetic energy to build a superior golf club. A Japanese golf company called Grindworks has mastered the art of golf club manufacturing. 

A Premium Golf Brand
Grindworks is a premium golf club brand based out of Japan that manufactures golf clubs and accessories. It was established to compete against some of the world’s finest golf club brands, including those in Japan itself. Grindworks implements a unique manufacturing and design process while using only the highest quality materials to produce golf clubs with an emphasis on a smooth finish.

Grindworks Design Process
The designers of Grindworks golf clubs have thoroughly researched the form and shape of the best golf clubs in the world to design theirs. The designing process was extensive, and hand drawings and computer-aided design (CAD) applications were used during this stage. It took hundreds of hours of meetings to come up with various model designs until the original molds were produced. They intended to design and build a selection of golf clubs that would provide the best look and feel to suit a wide range of golfing styles and performance needs. They had tested and retested their golf club wedge models numerous times before a decision on a final product was made.

For All Golfing Styles and Levels
No matter how good or bad you are at golf, there is a Grindworks club for you. Upon their first release of FORGED Irons and Variant One woods, they paid attention to the reactions from customers and have been working hard to create more uniquely designed golf clubs for every level of play. The design team is intent on creating new designs that will thrill the most avid players of golf for years to come. To keep up with what Grindworks has in store, visit their blog on the Grindworks website.