Winter, more specifically December, is one of the most considerable donation times of the year. It’s that time of the year when everyone is in good spirits and looking to make a bit of a difference in the world.

Naturally, this makes it the best time of year for nonprofit organizations to run charity and fundraising events. However, coming up with engaging events to pull in donations can be difficult. Here is a brief list of ideas to get any nonprofit started.

Indoor Run-A-Thon

Marathons and walk-a-thons are a common way for nonprofits to raise money and awareness. However, this can be more difficult in colder weather. That’s where the indoor part of this idea comes into play. Many nonprofit organizations make a deal with malls or other large centers to create new opportunities. 

Hot Chocolate Station

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate? It’s the perfect drink during the snowy season, which is something that nonprofits can take advantage of. Consider setting up a hot chocolate station at sporting events, concerts, and markets.

Gift-Wrapping Fundraiser

Every year shoppers grumble about having to wrap dozens of holiday gifts. Many shopping centers have started to take advantage of this by offering gift-wrapping services. Thankfully, this is something that charities and nonprofits can do as well. Consider setting up a gift-wrapping station, and don’t forget to include curling ribbons and adding bows!

Movie Night

There’s something so charming about a group movie night – especially when the proceeds go towards making a difference. The best part about hosting a movie night is that there are now virtual options, making it even more approachable than ever.

Toy Drive

One of the most classic examples of winter fundraising would have to be the December toy drive. There’s a reason this drive is standard – it works. People love to help children in need, especially with toys and other fun activities.

Winter Craft Workshop

Alternatively, a nonprofit organization could consider hosting a winter craft workshop. These workshops can be aimed at children or adults, collecting a fee upon entry. There are many fun crafts appropriate for this time of year, so the options are endless.